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Two Hole Floral Oval Beads

These beautiful oval beads with floral designs are reproductions of old German beads.  They are newly made using vintage molds and vintage glass.  They have two parallel holes.

Product Code: F120

Product Size: 20mm x 16mm

Product Shape: Oval

Quantity: 8 beads per strand

Choose a Color:

70 Dark Amethyst Two Tone|249
101 Medium Topaz|251
101M Medium Topaz Matte|252
102 Dark Topaz|253
102M Dark Topaz Matte|254
103 Olivine|255
103M Olivine Matte|256
104M Erinite Matte|258
105 Caribbean Blue|259
105M Caribbean Blue Matte|260
108 Amethyst|264
108M Amethyst Matte|265
109 Montana|266
109M Montana Matte|267
111M Dark Tanzanite Matte|270

Price: $16.00

Sale Price: $8.00