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Charmed Life Necklace

This playful young beader kit combines a whimsical charm with the vibrant color of Swarovski crystal and seed beads.

Colors Available: (All with silver tone findings and charms)

  • Tweet: Metallic crystals with topaz/copper seed beads
  • Tapestry: Metallic teal crystals with multi jewel tone seed beads
  • Heart Key: Burgundy crystals with amethyst AB seed beads
  • Honey Bee: Topaz crystals with shades of gold and topaz seed beads
  • Sea Turtle: Olivine crystals with shades of green seed beads
  • Cherry Blossom: Light Rose crystals with shades of pink seed beads

Product Size: 16-18 inches

Product Artist: Irina Miech

Choose a Color:

Honey Bee|880

Price: $14.00